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RegulationsConcerningForeign Students’ Statusat Shenyang University

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Section 1 入学与注册

Enrollment andFees Payment


1. New studentadmitted by the University should bring the Admission Notice, the completedVisa Application for study in China as well as other relevant documents andcome to Foreign Students Administration Office to register before the deadlineas specified in the Admission Notice. If, for certain reason, the studentcannot register on time, he (she) must ask leave for an extension period of notmore than 2 weeks. Those who have not asked for leave and those who fail toregister before the end of the extension period without proper reason such asForce Majeure will lose their qualification as an admitted student.         


2. After the admission,the University will check the health condition of students, as required by theregulations of the Chinese Government; only healthy students can register andenroll. Students who failed the health check may lose their qualification.Students who are found to present fraudulent documents or use illegal ways tobe admitted will be dismissed immediately.         


3. Students withdisease unfit to continue their study as diagnosed by government-appointedhealth and quarantine departments will have a suspension of schooling for aperiod of one year. Students who have rehabilitated during this period mayresume schooling by application for readmission, but they will need a healthre- exam by officially appointed health and quarantine departments. Studentswho cannot pass the re-exam or do not complete the registration and enrollmentprocedure on time will be disqualified.         


4. At thebeginning of each semester, student should register in person with receipts oftuition and fees paid at Foreign Students Administration Office within 2 weeks,Students who cannot register on time should give their explanations to ForeignStudents Administration Office. Students who have not paid their tuition and fees or cannot meetany other requirements of registration will not be registered. Theirqualification to study for this academic year can not be gained until theuniversity stamped their Student ID Cards. Those who are unable to arrive atthe College due to some reason need to go through the procedure accordingly:Those who ask sick leave need to submit medical document; those who ask forleave for some other reason need to submit a written application to their teacherin charge of the class two weeks in advance. The cases without leaveapplication or without approval from the Foreign Students Administration Officewill be taken as absenteeism. Those who failed to register longer than 4 weeksafter the beginning of the academic year without proper reason will be regardedas voluntary dropouts.


5. Students whosuspend his schooling keep his name on the books or leave school due to otherreasons will not be registered without going through the related procedure forresumption of study.         

Section2 学制及学习年限

Duration ofProgram


6. The length ofprogram is as follows: For undergraduate who majored in computer science,accounting, Chinese language, fine art is four years. For visiting scholar ofChinese is half year, 1 year, 2 years. It is possible for students whoare unable to complete the courses as required within the allotted time toapply to extend their study for at most two years.         

Section 3 考勤与请假

Attendanceand Asking Leave


7, Attendancesystem should be carried out in any lectures, experiments, examinations, andpractice required by the curricula plan. The student who can not attend due toa certain reason must ask for leave in advance. Those who did not ask for leaveor asked but not allowed, will be regarded as being absent.         



8. The student,who cannot attend the classes or other teaching activities required by thecurricula plan due to illness or other reasons, should go through the formalityof asking for leave in advance, It is necessary for applicator to hand in anapplication or a note for leave to the teacher in charge of the class if theleave is less than 3 days, to the related school leader if the leave is morethan 3 days but less than 7 days, to the dean of International Student AffairsOffice         

Leave offstudents shall notify the teacher in charge of the class when the leave time isover. If needed, they can extend the leave whose formality is the same asasking for a leave. Whether the extension of leave is permitted or not shouldbe informed by the related school. The leave-off students who have not gonethrough the formality of asking for a leave as well as the leave-off studentswho handed in the application or a note for a leave but get no any approval,will be treated as being absent.         


Section 4 考核与成绩记载

Assessment andAcademic Record



9. Student musttake part in the examinations of all the courses required by the professionaltraining plan of his major. Examination is divided into two kinds: appraisaland examination in hundred scale mark system. The final-term examinations,which are arranged by the related school and supervised by InternationalStudents Affairs Office, are usually held within the last two weeks of eachsemester.         


10. Any course’sresult is made up of two parts: usual performance marks and the final-termexamination marks. The proportion the two parts should be decided by the relatedschool according to the nature of the course. Instructors should declare theexamination evaluation methods of the course he teaches at the beginning of thesemester.         


11. 60 points inthe examination of a course is considered to be a pass mark. If a studentenrolled in the course gets 60 points or above in the examination, the studentwill get the course credits. Both the credits and the academic result willenter into the archives.         


12. Those whofailed in curriculum examination should take part in the make-up examinationwhich will be held in the second week after the beginning of the next semester.If fail again, students can take part in another make-up examination organizedby the University before their graduation. If passing the make-up examination,the student will get a result of 60 points and the corresponding credits,both of which will bewritten down in the archives. If not passing the made-up examination, thestudent can not get the credits. If fail in the make-up examination held duringgraduation time, the student can apply for a restart study of this coursewithin the regulated time and should hand in the study fees according to theregulations. Those who have delayed the examination, who are absent inexaminations as well as the violators of the University examination rules will bedealt with according toStudents Booklet of Shenyang University.

Section5 转学

Change of Majorand Transfer to Other Higher Institutions


13. Students, whodo have certain difficulties and thus cannot continue their study at Shenyang University, may apply for a transfer to another higher institution. To transferout of the University the student must go through the necessary procedures: Awritten application should be submitted and be sanctioned firstly by collegeleaders and then by Shenyang University president or vice president. TheInternational Affairs Office will then contact the university or college intowhich the student is going to transfer for related official document ofaccepting the student. Then Administration Division of Exit and Entry of theShenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau in P.R.C. will be reported to cancelhis /her resident permit.         


14. The followingconditions exclude the transfer of institutions:         


1)Having studied in theUniversity for less than one semester;         


2)Without any proper reason.         


3)Those students who shouldbe expelled by the university.         

Section 6 休学与复学

Suspension andResuming of Schooling


15. Students canbe subject to suspension under any one of the following situations:         


A. In the eventthat a student is diagnosed with an illness or injury that is expected to causetheir being unable to attend more than one third of the total credit hours forthe semester(due to recovery, treatment), or in the event of certain diseases,a student may suspend their study at the College.         


B. Students mayapply for suspension due to special circumstances by submitting an applicationor may receive suspension from the University if circumstances warrant suchactions.         


16. Students whoapply for a suspension or may receive suspension from the University due tospecial circumstances should submit an application to and get approval from his/her school and International Student Administration Office. Suspension time isusually one year. If special circumstance occurs, student can renew his /hersuspension after getting the permission. But the accumulated suspension timecan not exceed two years.         


17. Student whohas suspended schooling shall leave the university campus after going throughnecessary procedure. During the suspension period, the person will no longerenjoy the status of an enrolled student.         


18. When thesuspension period is due to expire, the student should send application,together with some materials, to his/her school to resume schooling two weeksbefore the beginning of the semester. The application must be approved firstlyby his/her school and then by International Student Administration Officebefore the student can resume schooling.         

Section7 退学

Dropout of School


19. Under thefollowing circumstances, student should dropout or be demanded to drop out ofschool:         


1)Not sending in applicationto resume schooling as required after the suspension period has ended, or notbeing able to pass the re-examination and therefore not approved to resumeschooling;         


2)Diagnosed by the hospitalsappointed by the University to have mental disorder, epilepsy, etc. Orunexpected injury that prevents the student to continue to study;         


3)Being absent from the schoolwithout asking for leave, or, though asked, but not approved, thus not beingable to participate the required curricular activities for 2 continuous weeksor accumulatively for 4 weeks in one semester;         


4)Not being able to registerwithin 4 weeks after the beginning of the academic year without any properexcuse;         


5)Asking to drop out of schoolby the student in person.         


20. Any dropoutschool should give a report to International Student Administration Office         


21. Student whohas dropped out of school must be reported to the Shenyang Municipal Exit-EntryAdministration Bureau to cancel their resident permit and then exit from China within the time limit as required.         

Section 8 毕业、结业与肄业

Graduation,Completion of the Curriculum and

Completion of theCourses


22. Student whohas completed the courses required by the curriculum, and reached the standardestablished for graduation, can graduate and be conferred the diploma.         


23. Student whohas completed the courses required by the curriculum, but has not reached thestandard established for graduation, may finish the study and will be issued aCertificate of Completion of Study. Within the period specified by theUniversity, the student may retake the relevant courses or redo the graduationthesis or design. Once the standard for graduation is reached, the student maychange the Certificate of Completion of Study to the Diploma; the date ofgraduation will be the date of issuance of the diploma.         


24. TheUniversity Academic Degree Committee will confer Degree Certificate to thequalified students.         


25. Diploma,Certificate for Completion of Study, or Certificate of Study, or DegreeCertificate, if lost or damaged, will not be re-issued, but the owner can sendapplication to the University, and if the case is verified to be true, theUniversity will issue a document certifying the corresponding status.         

Section 9 违纪行为和处分

Indiscipline and Dispose


26,The character poster posted, illegal materials, given a warning or seriouswarning sanction; The error is not deep understanding or insisted onwrong, give a demerit punishment even more; The character poster, theorganizers of the illegal materials, posted on the above give a demeritpunishment.         


27,in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, participate in illegalassembly, a procession or a demonstration does not listen to discourage,depending on the plot to give serious warning sanction even more; Illegalassembly, a procession or a demonstration organizers, depending on the plot tostay in view or expulsion sanction.         


28,malicious organization or lead the strike, meal, etc., disrupt the normal orderof teaching life, depending on the plot to stay in view or expulsion sanction.         


Dependingon the circumstances given a serious warning above the disposition or circumstancesare serious or the main organizers give stayed observed or expulsion who organize,Participate and spread a cult or activities of feudal superstition and atschool were religious activities,         


Withall sorts of excuses to take the lead in input, and with burning or broke downitems form initiating cavalcades events led by some person or behind-the-scenesmanipulator, depending on his consequences and attitude of acknowledge amistake, school can give a demerit disciplinary action. Other participants needto depend on the details of a case, and then school giving critical education,or warning, serious warning sanction.         


Whoeverviolates the laws, regulations and rules and have already been punished by thepublic security bureau and the judicial authorities, will receive the belowpunishment by the university according to the seriousness:         


Thosewho is fined and given the security warning, will get warning, severe reprimandeven record a demeritaccording to the seriousness.         


Thosewho received the administrative custody within 10 days will record a demeriteven worse according to the seriousness. If the custody is over 10 days, willreceive the dismissal punishment from university. 


Thosewho committed the negligent crime and got the public surveillance (compulsoryrestraint), criminal detention,fixed-termimprisonment, was pronounced suspension of sentence and supplementarypunishment separately will be placed on academic probation.         


Thosewho committednegligent crime and other punishment, criminal penaltiesbecause of intentional crime, undergoing re-education through labor will beplaced on dismissal punishment from university.         


Thosewho committed intentional crime, was in detention criminal custody and arrestedwill be placed on dismissal punishment from university         



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